Behind the Lens - Tasia Markoff Photography
Behind the Lens

My name rhymes with Asia and I love to capture art in unexpected places. While conventional beauty makes lovely photographs and I have certainly pointed my lens at many a flower and sunset, I am particularly drawn to the imperfect, the neglected, the overlooked—the things that make perplexed passersby ask me, "Why are you taking a picture of THAT?" Because I see art there, I answer. There are graceful lines in peeling paint, surprising textures in rust, and fascinating stories in the scenes around everyday objects.

I have shot events, sports, portraits, and real estate, but my true love is finding art where most people would never think to look for it and revealing it through photographs.

My photographic endeavors overlap with raising three kids, tending to our pets (which include cats, snakes, chickens, and a lizard), doing freelance editing, planting and then neglecting my garden, bicycling, kayaking, and making sporadic attempts to blog.